Hi All,

We are very excited about the remainder of the summer for Larusso. We recently visited the great state of Wyoming for two fantastic shows; there we were met with kindness and adventure to say the least and we look forward to our next visit! We have the great opportunity to share the stage, acoustically, with Aaron Gillespie on the 27th of June at the Music Garage in Salt Lake. After that we have the pleasure of playing the SLUG Magazine Localized series at Urban Lounge on July 16th. We are hoping to announce some more shows in our neighboring states very soon as well.

Green River, Night 2 of Chase the Sun Summer Tour

Wherever we go, we meet some amazing people. Through music we continue to connect and share our life experiences. As a band we are grateful and humbled by these experiences each and every time. Art is a way to connect. The writing process has a flow much like life. We find that in the peaks and in the valleys, there is always beauty and strength. Personally, I find music to be the canvas in which we are able to paint these stories and share them with the world. Whether you use music as healing or just a medium to help the day pass, we can all connect.