As this weekend approaches, the anticipation is almost unbearable. Once again we have put months of work into a product that we will be sharing with the world for the first time. This is always an exciting yet nerve wracking few days leading up to a release show. With the release of ‘Fever’ on Saturday night, we hope to capture a new part of Larusso fans hearts. As songwriters, it is a challenge to stay true to yourself while reaching for new creative results and shining a light on musical paths that were once in the dark to us as a band. We hope that we have accomplished just this with ‘Fever’ and two alternate versions of songs off of ‘Life in Static’.

Perhaps the most exciting part about this weekend is the opportunity we have to play with a couple of bands making their debut in the state of Utah. Fists of Funk (Wyoming) and Never Let This Go (Arizona) will be playing here for the first time with us. Something that we as a band have found great value in is networking cialis free coupon with talented acts from places that we would like to expand our network to as well.

Larusso and Fists of Funk, Fever Release

We have accomplished this in our partnership with these two bands. The ability to network creates a win-win in an industry where victories are limited. Not only do we get to meet new artists and see unique creative styles, we will also get to visit their states and play with them when we’re on the road. In our experience, the best way to break into new markets is to team up together and swap shows. If you’d like some more in depth insight, we recently shared an article about how to promote your music and network that you may find helpful.

Making friends is something I would suggest to any band trying to expand their horizons. Promote each other and help each other out. As up and coming artists, there is already enough working against us and there is no need to compete. Much like in any business, it is the connections you make and who you know that will propel you to the next level.

I would like to sincerely thank these two bands for their efforts and look forward to many new shows with them moving forward. Hope to see you all this Saturday 9/19, 7pm, at The Music Garage in Salt Lake City.