To me, there is nothing music cannot do. It has the power to inspire, console, and heal. I’ve laughed. I’ve pondered. I’ve buytadalafilonline20mg visit this website cried. Creating music is the avenue to my heart; the gateway to my soul. If you’ve listened to my music, related to the emotion, sang my words, or been saved by them, then you have given me a profound and invaluable gift. Why anyone would choose to carry something I have to say with them is something I’ll never understand, yet be forever humbled and grateful for. There are not the words in the English language to express my gratitude. I’m living my dream and it would not be possible without every single one of you. Every compliment and every criticism fuels me to be a better musician, a better person. To my family and my friends that have supported me on this journey that I have refused to give up on: I love you and I thank you. To the fans: I appreciate you more than you know. The Larusso family is real and it is special. To all of you: I encourage you to dream big! It’s a beautiful world of endless possibility. Capture it. See you out there! Humbly, Aaron